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How To Side Load Your Own Tile Package For Offline Use?

Question asked by mrbgroup on Mar 17, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by dchamberlin
I was able to get the collector app to work in offline mode on an adroid device.  I downloaded the basemap with the app.  It created a folder called ArcGIS_Collector/offline_data/basemaps/Imagery on my device.  Inside there it stores a tile package (.tpk), a tumbnail .jpg, and a .json file which appears to be some sort of information (world file) about the tile pacakage.

I created my own tile package (.tpk) in ArcGIS desktop, and copied it to a new folder in ArcGIS_Collector/offline_data/basemaps/ , restarted the collector app, but I cant pick my basemap when i go to download a map for offline use.  It only gives me the option to use the basemap that I download orginally with the app as reference above.

Is there any documentation or "how-to" yet for side loading your own tile package for offline collector use?  I am assuming my basemap does not show up because either I have the folder structure wrong, or b/c I am missing the .jpeg thumbnail and .json world file.