how to query subtypes in a rest endpoint

Discussion created by nighbert on Mar 13, 2014
How do i query a rest endpoint to get the list of values associated with a subtype.
we have field called ("owner_type") which has two subtypes: 1 for federal lands and has a subtype list of "BLM","FS","BIA",etc
and 2 for non-federal lands which has a subtype list of "PRIVATE",CITY"COUNTY",etc

The actual value of the field i an integer. we would like to have our users see the word "federal" as the display word, use the integer as the value and based on that, acquire the proper list of elements and defintions to put in a second pulldown.

I need a sample i can use to run on a arcgis mapservice rest endpoint.  has anyone done something like this that they can share some snippets of????