Extracting group layers' names from mpk

Discussion created by camillepignon on Mar 10, 2014

I am currently developping an application with the WPF SDK of ArcGIS and working with local operational layers with the extension .mpk.
I have one mpk file that contains groups that contains different layers, each group corresponding to a set of layers about the same subject (roads, buildings, etc) and i would like, in my application, from the mpk file that i open with my map control, to get the names of the groups that are in the mpk file because i need to show those groups' names in a menu.

Right now, I can't even get the names of the layers contained within that file, i have looked in the API reference but i can't find anything that answers my question. I tried the "Layers" property from the ArcGISLocalDynamicServiceLayer that I create but it doesn't do the job since it is apparently "null".

Can anyone help me?

Thanking you in advance,


Camille PIGNON