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Issues After Installing ArcGIS for Server and Portal for ArcGIS Server Version 10.2.1

Question asked by paulhardin on Mar 7, 2014
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I hope someone can help us.

We have upgraded our TEST environment to ArcGIS for Server (AGS) 10.2.1 and included Portal for ArcGIS 10.2.1.  AGS and Portal was installed on the server by one of our IT administrators.  AGS and Portal are installed on the same server.  Portal's WebAdapter has SSL enabled.  We have web apps (such as , Flex Viewer) that use the map services so SSL was not enabled for AGS.  Our Portal and AGS is only accessible internally inside our firewall on our intranet.

I am the Portal admin for customizing and managing Portal itself.  We are having a few issues after the upgrade.  We did not, nor plan to (unless it's required), Federate Portal with ArcGIS for Server.  Below are 3 issues we have:


  1. We have Portal configured to use Active Directory (AD).  Once our administrator finished installing and configuring Portal for AD, I started the customizing of the application (i.e. customized banner, background color, etc).  On the settings page, I noticed the check boxes for "Allow access to the portal through SSL only" was checked and the "Allow anonymous accesss to your portal" was unchecked.  I unchecked the SSL Only checkbox and checked the Anonymous checkbox since we want some portions of Portal to be shared without users having to sign into Portal (i.e. web maps, web apps, etc).  Even though we have Anonymous checked, Portal still requires the user to log in.  Also, on the My Organization page, Portal only shows the user's AD User ID and not the AD name.  We need input on how to make Portal open for anonymous users and also to show the AD name and not the AD user id.

  2. We are also unable to add AGS map services in as content in Portal.  I copy the URL from the REST services page for a map service.  Then on Portal I paste this in and as soon as I do that, the form changes for inputting whether the store or not to store the credentials with the service item.  AGS is unsecured so the REST services can be accessed without logins.  We have been unable to add any map services as content to Portal to share publicly on our intranet.

  3. When trying to create a map, without adding map service definitions as content to Portal, accessing the REST services from AGS directly (i.e. http://servername/arcgis/rest/services), I get a bunch of message boxes (appears to be one for each layer available) stating "Notice:  This portal is configured to require that only URLs access over HTTPS can be added."  I did a search for this message (ESRI and Google) and found that when you use IWA with Portal you must configure AGS and Portal to communicate using only HTTPS.

[/INDENT]I hope someone can help us with answers about these issues.

Paul Hardin
Nashville Electric Service
Nashville TN