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Editor Tracking in database time zone

Question asked by Tomsriv on Mar 5, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2014 by mxn
I'm trying to publish a few dozen feature classes and I get the following error.

"Data frame has layers that record Editor Tracking dates in database time zone"

It wants me to turn off editor tracking or use UTM.  My server site is only for viewing, people are not creating data on the site, so the editor tracking columns are just leftovers from my working copy of the geodatabase. 
Why can't I ignore this error or mark it as an exception?

The thing is, I was able to turn on editor tracking for all layers doing a single process for the whole geodatabase.  But to "Disable Editor Tracking" when I copy my geodatabase from its editing-copy location to its user-consumption location I have to make a seperate process to disable it for each individual feature.  I'd rather not make this huge model to do this.  Am I missing something?  Is their an easier way?