Identify not working on point layers if there is a polygon layer in the MPK

Discussion created by rubinsty on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by kuiperfoliage

I have a app that was built in runtime by an outside programmer. As I'm the closest to the line of expertise I was asked to give my opinion on the app and maybe a few programming tips(regardless of me not having the source code).

It turns out that in the app I can load a mpk and show it's layers on a map and do an identify their data. However, when I load a mpk that has both a polygon layer and a point\line layer, an Identify returns only the polygon Info, but never the point or line info. At first I thought that the location of the feature layer within the MPK matters, and that I should move the polygon layer to the bottom, but this has no effect. I was told unofficially by the programmer that this is an ESRI bug, but I was wondering if there is a solution, do you know of any? thanks