Add-in or Extension?

Discussion created by crichman on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2010 by crichman
We're redesigning our in-house ArcGIS customizations for Version 10.  I've read the add-in documentation but still don't have a clear enough picture of the current limits of the add-in model.  I'd hate to commit to it and learn that we couldn't do everything we're accustomed to doing with our extensions.

For example, the docs refer to limitations on access to external resources.  Would there be any problems accessing external web services from our code?  We do a fair bit of mucking around with data sources, Windows printer settings, and external databases to track our work (though those will now be web services.)  We also adjust lots of map settings, add and delete elements, etc. 

I don't see any fundamental limitations to the add-in model.  But then, there's undoubtably a lot about 10 that I don't see just yet ;)

Thanks, folks.

Charlie Richman