arcapi - Convenient API for arcpy

Discussion created by filipkral on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by filipkral
Sometimes with arcpy I feel that to do little you need to write a lot. To make my life easier, I have written and documented a collection of functions, which are available as 'arcapi' on github:

You are more than welcome to use it and, even better, contribute - by adding new code or just providing feedback and ideas.

To point out only a few functions: 'plot' makes a scatter plot, 'chart' makes a quick map, 'head' prints first rows of a table into the console... the idea is to do a lot with simple function calls.
Please see the and for more details.

I'm sure many of you guys have similar personal libraries, or you wish there was an easy way of coding something.
Do you... do you want to share?