Random extent on random polygons in data driven pages

Discussion created by clintoffutt on Feb 27, 2014
I have created a map with data driven pages with a polygon index layer.  Very rarely (so far only 2 out of ~2500), a page will display with a random, massively small scale the polygon show up just barely as a little square up in the top.  I can manual zoom in on the feature to print, but I am wondering why the automation won't take care of it.  I am clipping the data frame to current data drive page, excluding an aerial imagery layer.  I have a page definition query on another layer based on data driven page to keep labeling cleaner within the individual page.  If I switch to data view and select that strange polygon, then zoom to selected, that same, extremely small scale, zoomed way out extent happens.....however, when I click the polygon layer in the table of contents and zoom to layer, it does not zoom all the way out like those couple strange polygons do individually.  Seems like an extent issue with just a couple features.  Any ideas?

--clint o