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ArcGIS for Desktop Cannot Connect Portal With Active Directory Sign In

Question asked by aalpgiray on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by sjones

We configure a Portal for ArcGIS with IWA (Active Directory sing in) and federate a ArcGIS Server with the portal. We can use the
portal on the browser users can sign in. Operations Dashboard also can connect to portal. However, we cannot connect to portal via
ArcGIS Administrator. The fallowing error occurs. " The URL specified does not appear to have a running Portal for ArcGIS ". The configuration of machine is below

Anonymous Authentication to default website is disabled from IIS
Windows Authentication is enabled from IIS
Arcgis server is configured to serve only https
Portal is configured to read AD from our server (on browser it works )
a certificate is bindings to 443 port is configured 

Looking forward to hearing from you.