Custom text background in java arcobjects

Discussion created by kevinlecocq on Feb 21, 2014
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I use the ArcObjects SDK 10.2 Java Platform.
I have made a custom text background based on the sample Filled leader callout in order to improve the leader position of a line callout text background. In my AddIn for ArcMap, I managed to replace the text background of some text symbols by my custom text background, and it works well on the map.

Now, I'm faced to several problems:

1. I need a custom property page for this custom text background. According to API, it's possible to implement custom renderer or layer property pages. How could we make it for text background ? The idea would be to create a new type in the text background property page, in addition to "Balloon Callout", "Line Callout", "Marker Text Background" and "Simple Line Callout".

2. How to save my custom text background in a MXD ? Currently, when a custom text background is applied to features, the text symbol is lost when I save and reopen the MXD.

3. I use Maplex for the placement of labels. I have set Maplex in order to labels using Line Callout do not overlap. But when I apply my custom text background, it overlap. However, in my custom text background class, I have well implemented the functions queryBoundary, getGeometry, queryEnvelope and queryMargins but they are never called when Maplex is labelling (tested in debug).

I would be very grateful to help me on some of this 3 points.