How can I reduce the size (memory consumption) of ArcGIS Online  web maps and apps?

Discussion created by nickislander on Feb 18, 2014
The maps and apps I have created seem to be using far more resources than examples I have seen.

Taking a look at task manager, they range from 120mb to nearly 300mb at times. I've tried using simplified data: 2 uploaded shapefiles (1 point, 1 line) with about ~50 features. While they are manageable for my computer, they need to work on older computers, including those in government offices which often run older versions of internet explorer. Given these constraints, it's hard to justify using AGOL over Leaftlet and GoogleMaps, which in comparison were using only about 20-45mb of memory.

I've seen many other AGOL maps consuming only around 80mb with far greater detail, so I know it's possible to reduce the size.