Using ModelBuilder to calculate values for line segments

Discussion created by reneemd27 on Feb 11, 2014
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I am trying to build a model in Arc Desktop 10 where the sum of two fields is equal to the third field.  For example, I have a line with various segments.  In the attribute table, one of the fields is the Begin_Measure field which is 0 for the first segment.  The second field is Segment_Length which has a value (let's say 10).  The third field is the End_Measure, which should be the sum of the first two (in this case, 10).  The value of the first End_Measure becomes the value of the second Begin_Measure, and so on.

The real problem I'm having with this is that I do not have values for the Begin_Measure for any but the first segment, and I am having to run the Field Calculator for each segment.  Is there a way to build a model that will calculate the fields for each segment automatically?