Issues with Reverse Proxy Setup

Discussion created by bruceiow on Feb 10, 2014
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Hi All,

I have been battling to get reverse proxy configured to enable us to display maps externally from an internal server via a proxy server.

I seem to be heading the right way, but several key files are not yet coming through correctly.

Here are our specifics: ArcGIS Server 10, Internal Server/Proxy/External all running Win 2008 R2 IIS7.5.

Basically I have a website on the external server that is URL rewrite rule on that site that catches all and rewrites to my web proxy box, taking with it the query string.

My webproxy catches that in iis with a redirect rule looking for *proposalmappublic*. That then routes via a iis server farm to the internal server again taking with it the query string.

In terms of firewall, The external server can talk to the web proxy and the web proxy can talk to the internal server. Company policy does not allow a direct punch through from external to internal.

If I browse to from an external source, I get the left hand nav panel with address search etc and also the zoom/map navigation control. The map itself does not show.

Looking at the console in chrome, I see that I am getting 3 502 (bad gateway) errors when the page loads. These are for:

I have tried creating rules on the webproxy to forward these specific requests on to the internal server with no success. I even tried creating the path of those files on the webproxy to see if I could trick the process to returning some other status. (I know this is a frig, but I am trying everything!).

If I hit from my web proxy, I get 404 page not found on those pages. Same result, panels load but no map. If I replace webproxy with my internal server address the map loads fine.

I would say it is a firewall issue, but I want to get my facts straight before I approach my security guys. Can anyone confirm if I am right with this thought, or if I haven't configured something correctly.

Many thanks