Rasters not showing up in iterate rasters

Discussion created by drjtprice on Feb 5, 2014
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This is probably a very newbie question but it is driving me crazy.  I have a script that starts from a netcdf file and then creates individual rasters.  That works fine.  I can bring the rasters into my workspace and they show up in the table of contents as rasters.  I have then used copy raster to rename them and make them more ArcGIS friendly.  I have run cell statistics on them and saved the outputs.

However, when I start to build a model in model builder and I try and add iterate rasters and I navigate to the folder with the rasters in it the tool shows no rasters!  I can't understand why I can build a model in model builder that works step by step using the same rasters but iterate rasters can't find them.

Thanks for your help!

Jeff Price
University of East Anglia