Maximum Number of Instances

Discussion created by walterdziuba on Feb 4, 2014
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I've loaded several new features into a SQLExpress SDE database. I was successful in registering the folder that the connection to my database resides in, but I keep getting the error below when I attempt to register the database inself. I browse to the folder and select my connection *.sde and attempt to import it, but it always fails.

The connection property set was missing a required property or the property value was unrecognized. Maximum number of connections to instance exceeded.

I attempted to view the services running on my pc, through the Windows Service Manager, but there are no instances of ArcSDE running? As well, I checked the value set inside my dbo.SDE_server_config and the connections = 64.

How do I set a higher number of usable instances? Why is not showing up in the Windows Service Manager?

How do I find out how many / and who is using up all my instances? I'm the only one working on this machine and both my ArcGIS server and SQL Express installation is local to my machine.