Inviting Users via uploaded file - problems editing usernames

Discussion created by Rizbee on Jan 31, 2014
Hi All,

I regularly create ArcGIS Online organizational accounts for students at my university who are enrolled in specific GIS-enhanced courses.  When I do so, I like to edit the usernames to include the course number, so I will know which accounts are in which course.  The last few times I have done this I have done it by uploading a csv file with the students last names, first names, e-mail addresses and  roles.  ArcGIS Online then automatically creates usernames by combining the e-mail address (everything before the "@") with the abbreviated name of my organization. 

Since I want the usernames to include the name of the course, I have to edit them one at a time.  However, when I get to the 26th username I can no longer get the "Edit" button to respond.  For the last class I processed that left me with 25 usernames formatted the way I wanted them and one rogue username.

Has anyone else run into this problem?  Esri folks - could you look into it?

[I realize this is a very small problem in the grand scheme of things on earth, but the admin tools for managing organizational accounts are woefully non-existent and I'm trying to McGyver them as best as I can.]


Allen Risley
GIS Lab Manager
California State University San Marcos