DBTUNE XML_COLUMN_STORAGE parameter settings

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Hi Everyone:
Thanks in advance for any help.  I'm posting this question for a co-worker to try and help with some questions we have.

Reference ESRI link:
Oracle 64-bit running on Windows 2008R2

On our Oracle database, we have two DBTUNE tables, one in SDE schema and one
in an SDE managed geo-database schema.

Both DBTUNE tables have the XML_COLUMN_STORAGE parameter set to DEFAULT, but
the reference article states the setting default is SDE_XML (not DEFAULT)
and mentions "Oracle XML" as the only other setting. This leaves one with
the assumption that ORACLE_XML would be the other allowed parameter setting.

Problem: Our Oracle XML package has become invalid and exports of the SDE
managed schema state "Export terminated unsuccessfully" with references to
two invalid Oracle XML packages: XDB.DBMS_XDBUTIL_INT and SYS.DBMS_CUBE_EXP
(which depends on the XDB package being valid)

Question: If DEFAULT is also an allowed setting, does this allow both
SDE_XML and ORACLE_XML to be used in an SDE-Managed geo-database schema?

Thanks again,