KML Drawing Order & JavaScript API

Discussion created by lwarren on Jan 29, 2014
I've created a web map and associated web application that pulls in an outside organization's KML layer. This KML layer displays polygons that I wish to display below my own point data (feature services). However, according to the help page here and here, KML layers are displayed above feature services. Can I change this order by downloading the web application code, then modifying the JavaScript API code to force this KML layer below the point data? If not, any other ideas?

Also, I just discovered that, at times, Internet Explorer 9 will load the KML layers correctly below the point data. Not always though and it even then it ignores the transparency I applied to those layers. Previously I'd only viewed it in Chrome and Firefox. Perhaps there's a browser compatibility issue here too?

Draft web app (hosted by ESRI Social Media template):

KML layer:

One of my feature service layers: