Arcobject 10.2 SOAP SOE IMAP replacement functions

Discussion created by fans on Jan 29, 2014
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Hi Guys,

I would like to ask that what should we do if we need to use IMap, IMapServerObjects, to achieve some functionality on optimized map service with ArcOject 10.2? 

Because "optimized map service do not support full ArcObjects access from the Carto library. When working with optimized map services, you cannot use any ArcObjects directly related to the map document, such as IMapServerObjects, IMap, ILayer, and IFeatureLayer."

I need to export the map service as a pdf with the legend on it using SOAP SOE.
But you need to use map object to create the legend, right?

ILegend legend;
legend = (ILegend) map.CreateMapSurround(uid, null );

Then you want to export the pdf with the legend and call the mapServerLayout.ExportLegend function, but the "mapServerLayout" is null too due to the forbidden of IMapServerObject.

IMapServerLayout mapServerLayout;
IImageResult imageResult = mapServerLayout.ExportLegend(legend, mapdesc, imgdisp, null, imgdesc);

Could you guys give me any thoughts on how to export the legend or any ideas about the IMap replacement functions?
That would be a huge help and I really appreciate it!!!