visualizing photos stored as raster attributes in FGDB when publishing a map server

Discussion created by julia.galindo on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2014 by hlzhang1022
Hi everyone,

I have a file geodatabase with a point feature class and a table with photos. Every point can have more than one photo, so there is a relational feature class to link them together.

The photos are stored in the geodatabase as raster, as an attribute.

I published a map service, but, when I consume the map service in Arcmap and identified a point, the photo is not displayed�?�. It certainly fond the relation, showed the related records but no photos.  Is there something that I am missing? I went to the help without look�?�

I register the folder (with the file geodatabase) to the server.
I am working with Arcgis server 10.1 and Arcgis desktop 10.1 sp1

Thanks for the help!