Problems integrating ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2 with Qt 5.1.1 / Qt Creator 2.8.1

Discussion created by Gue2013 on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2014 by JTrieu-esristaff
Hi everybody, hi Jen!

For my installations I used these (binary) files:

Further data about the (physical, not virtual) system being used:
Qt 5.1.1 (+ Qt Creator 2.8.1) with Visual C++11.0 (amd64) Compiler, Win7-Prof. 64bit

My problem:
Building a new project seems to work, but as soon as I run it, the application window appears and then freezes after one or two seconds with a note that my "project.exe" does not work anymore. Using the tool "Dependency Walker" I found out, that the connection to ESRIRUNTIMEQT.DLL is broke. (I did "Copy esri_runtime_qt_10_2.prf to the mkspecs\features folder ..." , as described here:

My question:
Where's the button that makes the connection to this library work? Is it a system variable, is it the "/" vs. "\" -problem in the paths, is it another configuration file that has not been mentioned in the official description?

After trying so many times, I'd be really grateful for any help!