Data Driven Pages and Key Numbering

Discussion created by WightmanAssoc on Jan 10, 2014
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Hello all-

My problem is two-fold.

I am making a mapbook for a client and am struggling putting it together in the most efficient manner.  I have a transmission line and parcels that intersect it along the way in my MXD.  I have already created an index polygon to use for data driven pages, but I am struggling with the labeling of the parcels.  My client wants each page to key number the parcels instead of labeling them individually on the map. 

Each page has a polygon (which is the data driven pages index).  There are also parcels located within these polygons.  I need to find a way to spatially join the parcel attributes to the associated polygon that it is within.  I do realize this is a many-to-one relationship and cannot be done with a normal spatial join.  Does anyone know of a way to accomplish this?

Also, I want to only label the parcels that have their centroid located in the index of each sheet.  For example, parcels a, b, c, and d are located on page 22 (within the index polygon for page 22).  I only want to label those parcels and not the surrounding ones.  The catch is that I need them to be key numbered in a specific format (below). 

      Easement          Owner Name          Deed

If I can join the parcel attributes to each index polygon I think I can accomplish this with dynamic text and maybe a definition query?

Thank you in advance!!!