Visual Studio 2010 vb.net add-in help

Discussion created by jhanson5874 on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by ldonahue
I'm cutting my teeth with vb.net now (had experience in AML, AVENUE, VBA, VB6) and for some reason now I can't get past some simple procedures.

Could someone share an ArcGIS 10 vb.net add-in along with source code to do:

1. add a button to the "data view" that will open up a form with a listbox that has a listing of .lyrs (either from an array or text listing of the various .lyr files.  I don't need to open up a .gdb or windows folder but rather a predetermined .txt list)

2. From the listbox where one can select one or many .lyrs and add them to the data view from a button on the form (i.e. Add Layers).

Any help would be appreciated.   I've stepped away from programming for about a year and it has been hard to get back into that programming mode.