VS Development Language Preference for ArcObjects Development for deskspatial viewer

Discussion created by jwfox1 on Dec 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2014 by rlwatson
My organization is looking to bring an ESRI developer on-board in the next few months to build us a re-vamped event driven desktop based spatial viewer for our geodatabases. We are probably looking an MXD hosted on an ArcGIS server with our GIS styles and viewer application functionality.  

I know ESRI has been hyping the javascript API in the last year, we are probably looking at a Microsoft Visual Studio based solution (VS 2010 for a ArcServer 10.1 and SDE) Our previous developer built our previous viewer in VB.NET but we are curious if there is a preference to using VB vs. C# from an ESRI perspective for building the viewer app. VB may be simpler to work with but C# may have more functionality and libraries at it's doisposal. My first guess would be both are equally fine but we may need to narrow this down for getting the best skillset for finding our developer as well as being able to build the most otimal ArcGIS server based viewer.