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Extracting an integer from a string field

Question asked by pfreeman01 on Dec 22, 2013
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I have an attribute table with a column populated with road names.  The names are in the form, "State Hwy 13", "US Hwy 1", "County Rd 444", etc.  I have created another column in the table which I would like to populate with just the numerical portions of these road names.  I thought this would be easy with the field calculator, but I am finding that to not be the case.  I would like to use Python, but if VBScript would work better, that would be ok as well.  Please keep in mind that I know very little about Python and have used Visual Basic only in Excel macros, so if you post some code, do not leave anything out thinking I will know what is missing.  I am running ArcMap 10.2  Any help will be greatly appreciated.