Coordinate system conversion problem

Discussion created by saraboy on Dec 22, 2013
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I'm not sure in what category this question belongs but I'll try here. Anyhow, I created a shape file  with loads of manually drawn polygons. The problem is that the project was defined as coordinate system RT90 and the shapefile as coordinate system SWEREFF. I had rasters in the same project defined as RT90 too, from which I drew the polygons. I then wanted to create a new project with the same info but in coordinate system SWEREFF. I used data management tools, projections, rasters... to change the coordinate systems of the rasters to SWEREFF - but how do i change the polygon shape file? It's already in the "correct" coordinate system, but at the wrong place (where it should have been if I would have wanted the RT90 system). How do I solve this? It's loads of polygons and I don't want to draw them all out again >_<

Thanks in advance!