Is Public/anonymous access possible with Web Tier Authentication?

Discussion created by jtosoni on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by phanmore
Hi - regarding my arcgis for server 10.2 setup, I currently have Server installed on one VM and the Web Adaptor for IIS installed/configured on another VM. I am also leveraging our existing Windows Domain (AD) for my user and role stores. Given that most of the services we host need to be exposed to the public, am I able to use web tier auth. to allow the public to access most services while securing specific services for certain users internally or with our domain? Or, must I use GIS Server Auth. to allow this type of access to work? I'm just a little confused given that I can still have Anonymous Auth. enabled in IIS when Web Tier Auth. is leveraged in the ArcGIS Server configuration. Maybe with Web Tier to work I have to enable Windows Auth. in IIS? Thanks in advance.