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python label expression does not filter labels

Question asked by swcagis on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by swcagis
I have a taxlot layer with a numeric (double) field called GIS_ACRES. I only want to label those features that are greater than 1 acre in size. I am using this expression:

def FindLabel ( [GIS_ACRES], [TLID]  ):   if ( [GIS_ACRES]  > 1 ):     return [TLID][-5:]   else:     return ""

also tried if ( [GIS_ACRES] ) > 1:
makes no difference.

It labels ALL taxlots, regardless of size. Why doesn't it work? What syntax am I missing? I get no errors, just doesn't filter.

I recently installed 10.2 over 10.1. Should I also have updated something related to Python?