C# code to display result of spatial query on arcmap.

Discussion created by cynthia@sinha on Dec 18, 2013
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Hi all,
The problem is i have to display those points on arcmap that lies inside the envelope.I am explaining what i have done so far.
I have one point feature class say featureclass ,open it and used one ARCGIS Snippet i.e. GetActiveviewFromArcmap() and constructed one envelope as-:

Iactiveview pactiveview=GetActiveviewFromArcmap(m_application);
Ienvelope penvelope=new EnvelopeClass();
penvelope.QueryCoord(out minx, out miny,out maxX,out maxY);

Ispatialfilter sp=New IspatialfilterClass();

Ifeaturecursor fc=featureclass.Search(sp,false);
Ifeature feature=featurecursor.nextfeature();

What i have to do is to display the output of this spatial query on i will retrieve the selectionset of spatialfilter query and how to diaplay it on arcmap.