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Likely Simple Python Question: dynamically selecting records

Question asked by katie_gaut on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2014 by katie_gaut

    I have a question that is likely very easily solved with some Python coding....I just have no experience in the area.  It was suggested in the General Forum that I post my question here. 

Is there a way to dynamically select records based on a field set in Data Driven Pages? I have a graph in my layout that I want to update with each scroll with each "Next Page".  I have a table set up with a page definition query for the data I want graphed. Unfortunately, the graph still plots all records, not just the ones displayed with the page definition query. So, for example, even though (with the page definition query) my table displays records only from Station_ID = 101, the graphs displays records from all Station_IDs. The graph only works properly (displaying only Station_ID = 101 items) if they are manually selected.

Is there anyway to automate this? I'm guessing there's an easy Python code I could run to manage this....

Thanks in advance and please ask questions if I haven't made myself clear!