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ListFeatureClasses() or ListDatasets() fails since 10.2 upgrade

Question asked by jkraemer on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2014 by jkraemer
Since upgrading to 10.2 the script I ran weekly for ArcSDE maintenance fails with an "Invalid floating point operation" error during the loop shown below:

# Get a list of all the datasets. # First, get all the stand alone tables, feature classes and rasters. dataList = arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() + arcpy.ListRasters()  # Next, for feature datasets get all of the featureclasses # from the list and add them to the master list. for dataset in arcpy.ListDatasets():     print "Adding:", arcpy.ListFeatureClasses(feature_dataset=dataset)     dataList += arcpy.ListFeatureClasses(feature_dataset=dataset) # Execute the ReconcileVersions tool. arcpy.ReconcileVersions_management(workspace,"ALL_VERSIONS","SDE.Default",verList,"NO_LOCK_ACQUIRED","NO_ABORT","BY_ATTRIBUTE","FAVOR_TARGET_VERSION","NO_POST","KEEP_VERSION")

I had inserted the print statement only for debugging purposes, and when I ran the script, the last few lines output by the statement were:

Adding: [u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.landuse_zoning']
Adding: [u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.dimensions', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.dimension_2']
Adding: [u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.traffic_lights', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.valves', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.StormStructures', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.signs', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.sidewalks', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.manholes', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.light_standard', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.hydro_pole', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.hydrants', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.decorative_light_standard', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.curb_gutter', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.culverts', u'bc.GIS_ADMIN.bridge']
Adding: []
Adding: []

I'm puzzled as to why the loop prints two empty strings ([]) followed by nothing, just before raising the floating point error. All feature classes within feature datasets are successfully listed ahead of these empty ones in the print output. I suspect these blank lines might be the cause of the error, but I see lots of "Unknown function at" lines in the error details. I can't tell whether the ReconcileVersions is ever actually reached.

Is there something I need to do to make this work, or in other words, enable 10.1 python code to run at 10.2?