Problem viewing ArcServer Log Entries via the Rest Endpoint Admin interface

Discussion created by dan.spinosa on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by crafty762
I have a 10.1 ArcServer machine that on occasion will no longer show log entries when viewed via the rest endpoint.  The path would be http://serverName/arcgis/admin/logs/query.  What happens is zero results are returned even though I know there are log entries.  No matter the query, the JSON response I receive via the rest endpoint admin interface is:
  "hasMore": false,
  "startTime": 0,
  "endTime": 0,
  "logMessages": []

At the same time I can view log entries via the web manager interface at a url as such: http://serverName/arcgis/manager/log.html#lgf=type%2Ctime%2Cmessage%2Csource&lqlf=WARNING&lqa=last%20hour&lqs=ALL&lqm=ALL

Any help would be greatly appreciated!