Registered as versioned and moving edits to base - No data in base table (Oracle11g)

Discussion created by arkadi22 on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by crafty762
I've got problem with save edits into main table.

The problem is as follows:
- Database: Oracle 11g
- ArcSDE Version: 9.3.1
- Main table: SDE.TestTable - Registered as versioned and moving edits to base
- Delta tables: A921 and D921
- Versions: Default (only)

When I made edition (add, delete Feature; edit atributes; etc.) all changes are saved in delta tables.
As I know, it should be save in base table (like I make it on MS SQL), however it doesn't.

I read in other post, that I should to make Full Compression of geodatabase.
Because I dont have any other version than Default, I didnt make Reconcile, Post and Delete other versions. I'm sure that no one user is connected.
I performed Compression.

At the end, nothing is happen, I have still added feautures in delta tables.

Therefore, where is the problem? What could I do to be sure that all data are in base table.