Network Analysis with No Turns

Discussion created by Cjkinzett on Dec 9, 2013
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Hello all as a PG DIP Student in NZ, I'm fairly inexperienced in Network Analysis.

My biggest problem is that the network I am producing has no turns in it, so when I do my service area place that are 28 Km's away are considered more than 3 hours away. I get the feeling its just modelling along the lines and taking one line from my service centres in a sort of spiral but not making use of connecting roads. I have about 91,000 junctions, with about 200,000 edges but zero turns... I am having a hard time understanding how this problem is occurring since there doesn't seem to be any forums on this topic.

I have seen that using the repair connectivity tools are useful but they aren't even clickable, as in never become usable. I have all the necessary licences as I have the student ArcMap 10.0 package.

Cheers in advance,

Cody K