Geofeedia's new api as input into feature service output

Discussion created by nengeesri-ca-esridist Employee on Dec 9, 2013
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sorry but I'm a newb
I have a query string from Geofeedia's new api:

urrently they only have this json and the geofeedrss. After running the above URL through JSON pretty, I can see that I don't need the pre-amble header information - just each entry within the "items" tag.

I've tried just a simple JSOn input, and CSV output with just the default connector and all I get is the header as an entry.
When I try to fieldmap I get only two definitions - the default "incident" and the definition created by the input. However, the headings that I want aren't there. I'm assuming I need to create a new definition, and just grab the tags I need:
"items": [
    {      "latitude": -22.75003063,      "longitude": -43.46636981,      "source": "twitter",      "externalId": "410192177298681856",      "publishDate": "2013-12-09T23:40:10Z",      "createdOn": "2013-12-09T23:40:42Z",      "title": "@annaclaarafrc nossa que coincid\u00eancia anna clara",      "description": "",      "author": {        "name": "Pehmota",        "url": "http:\/\/\/Pehmota",        "avatar": {          "url": "https:\/\/\/profile_images\/378800000435495804\/4dac428b3e3c4d1e568da73bf6ce96c0_normal.jpeg"        }      },      "url": "http:\/\/\/Pehmota\/status\/410192177298681856",      "mediaItems": [              ]    },    {      "latitude": -22.88979542,      "longitude": -43.27738588,      "source": "twitter",      "externalId": "410192176875053056",      "publishDate": "2013-12-09T23:40:10Z",      "createdOn": "2013-12-09T23:40:42Z",      "title": "HAHAAAAAA VAI TOMAR NO CU TODO MUNDOOOOOOOOOO KKKKKKKKKKK",      "description": "",      "author": {        "name": "RodriguesPerseu",        "url": "http:\/\/\/RodriguesPerseu",        "avatar": {          "url": "https:\/\/\/profile_images\/378800000822948774\/b233ee2ea64ecb75a60e059d4910e98d_normal.jpeg"        }      },      "url": "http:\/\/\/RodriguesPerseu\/status\/410192176875053056",      "mediaItems": [              ]     },

ultimately I want to turn the geofeedia into a live feature service to consume in AGS.