Extract land use class as polygon within a buffer

Discussion created by Stefanie.Steinbach on Dec 9, 2013
Hi all,
I have a problem and don't know what is going wrong.
What I have is land cover data, two polygons (4000 sq km in total) and a hydrological network. What I need is the area classified as humid within a buffer around the network, preferably as polygons because I have to run zonal statistics for slope and CTI.
The first step, clipping the land cover raster layer to the extent of the polygons failed already. I have tried different ways (extract by mask, export data, data management tools>raster>clip) but the output is always empty. Next thing would be creating a buffer and clipping or extracting the data within, creating polygons for the adjoining pixels classified as humid and using zonal statistics as table to obtain the data I need.
I appreciate any hint on what I am doing wrong with the clipping or if the steps I describe are the right ones to get the data I need.