Showing Unique Images in Pop-up Windows

Discussion created by on Dec 9, 2013
Hi -
I am working in ArcGIS Online creating a map that will be published later. I have a file of about 30 points, and a photo for each of the 30 points. I was able to use My photos are stored in ArcGIS online in My Content and made public - I entered the URLs into my attribute table as well. I followed steps 1-7 and 10 (I used the [+] button and did the {SiteName}) and 11 (I used the [+] and did the {PhotoURL}).   No photo shows up.

I have also tried the Adding multiple images at step # 7 and then it makes me scroll through all of the photos. I have gotten photos to show up, but they show in all of the pop ups.
I am looking for a way that will only show the right photo that corresponds to the right point (one photo per point).