Network I/O error when creating SDE Raster Dataset

Discussion created by on Dec 6, 2013
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I have ArcSDE 10.0, ArcGIS server 10.2 and ArcGIS Map 10.2 on Windows 2008R server (Say "Server A"). The SQL Server 2008R2 is on a seperate server (Say "Server B").

I created two ArcSDE instances on Server A. One uses SDE and another one uses DBO.

Then I use ArcCatalog 10.2 to create SDE database connections on Server A, which seem fine.

I can create Feature Dataset/FeatureClass and add the features into the FeatureClass with either SDE conneciton. However, when I tried to create ArcSDE RasterDataset, I got the following errors:

Network I/O error
Invalid function arguments
Network I/O error [sde.sde.GDB_Items]
Network I/O error [sde.SDE.Test33]
Operation Failed [sde.SDE.Test33]
No Spatial reference exists
Failed to execute (CreateRasterDataset]

Any ideas?