Problems with Data Source

Discussion created by cljiskoot on Dec 6, 2013
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Hi all,

I'm pretty new to ArcGIS and have taken the few starter tutorials but I'm still not clued up enough on the vocabulary to know how to google for answers!

Basically I'm having 3 issues:

1. When copying and pasting new layers (maybe not called layers, just individual polygon files) within a .mxd I cannot edit the copy without affecting the original - why is this and how do I change it?

2. Secondly, even though I saved my .mxd file under a new name, the data source (?) must have remained the same because all edits made to my new .mxd file were also in the original - once again why? and how do I change this?

3. I'm struggling with the difference between a .mxd and .gdb. I understand the former is a file produced by Arcmap but I really want to extract the data and save the different files so they are more mobile like in a geodatabase - whenever I try to extract the data using ArcMap it says the output is not valid, is there a specific format required?

Understandably I'm very frustrated as I deleted some information in my copies and have now permanently lost the data. Thank heavens for backups.

Also I apologise if these are very obvious problems and if there is a page you could direct me to, that would be fantastic!