Filter Template Question - start with all data showing?

Discussion created by denverbiz on Dec 5, 2013
How can I set it up the Filter Template so the initial map shows the entire data set, and each filter operation narrows down the data displayed based on the filter?

I'm using the Filter Template to create a map of point locations.  I want the user to have the option to search for a location by three different criteria, so I set up three filter expressions using the must match ???ALL??? option. Ideally the end user would leave all fields blank if they want to see all of the data.

However, when I preview the application template with my web map and data, and I set all of the fields to blank and hit ???Apply???, not all of the data shows up. Is this just because it???s in Preview mode, or will that carry over to the published/downloaded app as well? I'm not sure if I'm overlooking something simple here.  Everything else is working well.

Thanks if anyone can help. Katherine