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Visual Basic retired...!?

Question asked by geoheinz on Nov 28, 2013
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Dear all,
I am currently developping for ArcGIS 9.2 using ArcObjects and Visual Studio 2005 (still...) . I use VB.NET as programming language. Now I want to switch to ArcGIS 10.0 / Visual Studio 2008.
My friends keep telling me: "Visual Basic will not be supported any more!" ... and first these rumours shocked me quite a bit.
Then a Google research showed: VB6 is not supported any more ,and VBA will not be supported in ArcGIS 11 or so, but VB.NET will still be supported for ArcGIS 10.0, 10.1, and the upcoming versions.... right??? Just to make sure!!! :-) Otherwise I will switch to C#.
Thanks for your answers!!
Regards, Johannes