Having problems with WPS interface

Discussion created by romanwoessner on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by dusan.cibulka
Hi there,

I'm actually trying to request the WPS interface of some previously published geoprocessing services.
The responses to GetCapabilities and DescribeProcess requests are fine, but I'm struggeling with Execute requests.
Using WPS 1.0.0 compliant requests for simple processes (having literal inputs and literal outputs), the response contains the expected result. As soon as I try the same with a process having one or more complex in- our outputs, I always get the following OWS-Exception and nothing more:

<ows:ExceptionReport version='1.1.0' language='en' xmlns:ows=''>
    <ows:Exception exceptionCode='NoApplicableCode'>
        <ows:ExceptionText>Wrong Execute request.</ows:ExceptionText>

I still remain on this issue, since I've tested several execute requests to different WPS processes and I am quite sure to use a compliant syntax!

Unfortunately the server does not log any information but the ows exception. Is there any way to receive detailed information about what is wrong and what to do? Where can I rise the log level of my server to get information from WPS interface?
Any help would be appreciated!