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Dispersing geocoded points within a Polygon

Question asked by mpuGIS on Nov 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by jshell
I have posted the following question within the geocoding forum:

But perhaps it is more suitable to be listed here as it is more a Python question. Please use the link above for answers to prevent double posting. Please excuse the circumstances.

Original post:


I have a problem with dispersing geocoded points (randomely/)equally within a polygon. More specific I have geocoded adresses using zip codes and would like to disperse them within a polygon. I know that it is possible to disperse markers but I would like to disperse the points. Dispersing them randomely would be not a problem as it is i.e. possible with Geowizard.

Therefore, I have searched the forums and have found some solutions for Avenue but in my ArcGIS 10 this obviously is not working. Based on the post here: I have tried to develop a script. But it is not working.

To visualize what I would like to achieve:

The geocoding result (with only one ZIP/normally I have around 500):

And the result I would like to receive:


Can anyone advice what could be changed to make it work? Is it necessary to have the x, y already in the table defined as columns?

Thank you very much!

import random import arcpy  arcpy.env.workspace = ???D:\???\database.gdb???  in_points = ???D:\???\???\geodatabase.gdb\Geocoding_Results.shp??? polygon = ???D:\???\geodatabase.gdb\zipcode.shp???  def point_in_poly(poly, x, y): ??????"Returns if the point is inside the polygon.  Parameters: poly: arcpy.Polygon() geometry x: x coordinate (float) y: y coordinate (float)  ??????" pg = arcpy.PointGeometry(arcpy.Point(x, y), poly.spatialReference) return poly.contains(pg)  def disperse_points(in_points, polygon): ??????"Randomly disperse points inside a polygon.  Parameters: in_points: Point feature class/layer (with or without selection) polygon: arcpy.Polygon() geometry  ??????"  lenx = polygon.extent.width leny = polygon.extent.height  with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(in_points, "shape@xy") as points: for p in points: x = (random.random() * lenx) + polygon.extent.XMin y = (random.random() * leny) + polygon.extent.YMin inside = point_in_poly(polygon, x, y) while not inside: x = (random.random() * lenx) + polygon.extent.XMin y = (random.random() * leny) + polygon.extent.YMin inside = point_in_poly(polygon, x, y) points.updateRow([(x, y)])