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how to replace RasterCalculator with arcpy

Question asked by gisbert61 on Nov 24, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by gisbert61
Hello, newbie here.

I'm combining two rasters into an output using the Rastercalculator tool and that work fine, got the tool into modelbuilder and that works great as well.
Now I need to do additional steps like looping through more files to repeat the process and prompting the user for some choices so I'm looking into python using arcpy to do the rastermath. I cannot find the syntax to do this:

[INDENT]"""(Int("2010cl3" / 10) * 10) + (Int("2013cl5" / 10))""","Y:/case13/first/scrap_db.gdb/outputras")[/INDENT]

in arcpy. I understand I should not use rastercalculator in python but instead use, can someone give an example please?

Thanks in advance