OverWriteOutput not actually overwriting

Discussion created by RHpec0312 on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by mvolz47

So I am running a Simplify Line tool in the Python Window and my geoprocessing environment setting in ArcMap is set to overwrite outputs True.  I am able to overwrite outputs and do it a lot when cranking out data. 

I am re-running the Simplify Line and want to overwrite an existing feature class in a file geodatabase.  The python windows runs

arcpy.SimplifyLine_cartography(r"Landbase Layer\Infrastructure\Roads selection",r"C:\ESRI WORK FOLDER\Landbase\4- California\Siskiyou Landbase\Landbase Geodatabase\Siskiyou_Landbase.gdb\Infrastructure\LocalRoads_Simplified_50ft","POINT_REMOVE",50,"RESOLVE_ERRORS","KEEP_COLLAPSED_POINTS","CHECK")

Pretty straightforward.  When I add the results to the mapdocument, the changes I made are not contained in the attribute table as if it were never overwritten. 

Next I delete the feature classes from the database and rerun the same script.  My results then do show the change. 

Where does the problem exist?  and how can I remedy this?  If I were to run a larger script and had this issue happen, it would be a really drag.