Installing ArcGIS 10.2 Web Adaptor with existing reverse proxy

Discussion created by jtosoni on Nov 19, 2013
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I am just curious if anyone has any helpful developments or progress to pass along in relation to installing the ArcGIS Web Adaptor for either ArcGIS 10.1 or 10.2 with an existing reverse proxy that uses Microsoft ForeFront TMG? Our ArcGIS enterprise server environment is currently on version 10.0 and leverages a reverse proxy server within the DMZ. We are planning to upgrade to 10.2 within the next few months, however, I am unsure if it would be advantageous to install the Web Adaptor on either a separate server behind the firewall or on the same server within our DMZ? Or, maybe it is not really needed given that our reverse proxy software achieves the same goal. One benefit may be that the web adaptor would allow us to control and secure our internal URL composition, which we will consider. It seems there are many other benefits as well but I still need to do more research on the TMG reverse proxy to determine if it suffices and performs in a similar manner. This is all relatively new to me given that I was GIS Analyst for many years and have recently been getting acquainted with ArcGIS for Server administrative aspects and tasks.

I have also read in a few posts that folks have had some trouble in the past with installing the 10.1 adaptor with a reverse proxy but things may have gotten better. Either way, any helpful information, tips, or articles would be much appreciated on this topic. Thanks! Joe