Failed ArcSDE Connections

Discussion created by ctilly on Nov 17, 2013
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I have a v.10 ArcSDE on Oracle 11 using the Oracle SDO geometry runing on Windows 2003 Server.  The problem I have is that a number of workstations can't connect to the geodatabase using SDE connect, and the direct connects take minutes just to establish the connection.  The workstations are running Windows 7.

On the workstation within ArcCatalog the ArcSDE connection throws an error:  Network I/O Error
And on the server the SDE error log shows:

[GIOMGR] Connection timeout from [xx.xx.xx.xx:yyyy]
[GIOMGR] Could Not Get XDR Request.

These same workstations can connect to our 9.3.1 ArcSDE instance without issue using SDE connections.  The ArcSDE 9.3.1 instance is running on a similar server configuration.    Additionally, using SQLPLUS I can connect and even query the v.10 geodatabase from these workstations so I know the network isn't restricting them.  I performed a similar test with an ODBC connection, so I know both ODBC and OraNet both work.  The problem only appears with ArcGIS Desktop v.10 attempting to make this connection.

Any ideas about what may be going on here and how to resolve it?