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Default superuser name/pass for Server Cloud Builder setup

Question asked by cprgeoadmin on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2013 by cprgeoadmin

I've set up an ArcGIS Server on Ubuntu with a PostgreSQL database.  I can't find any documentation that explains what the default superuser name and password is for Ubuntu.  (I'm new-ish to Ubuntu).

I was instructed to log in as  arcgis and use the key and passcode I set up in earlier steps, which all worked fine. But the moment I need to do anything with  sudo, I need a superuser account.  What is the default or how do I set it up properly?

EDIT: If it helps to understand what I'm talking about and trying to accomplish, I'm working on this:

getting stuck at step 2 since it asks for a password and I don't have one that works.