FeatureLayer not included in print using PrintParameters(layers, extent) constructor

Discussion created by dwtimmins on Nov 11, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2013 by dwtimmins

I'm trying to get printing working from a viewmodel and when I construct the PrintParameters I'm using the public PrintParameters(IEnumerable<Layer> layers, Envelope mapExtent) constructor as I don't have a reference to the map control. This works for all layers except feature layers. I'm creating the layers from a model class so I'm not cloning the layers. The problem is that it does not get serialized and sent as part of the request to export web map in the operational layers. It looks like its due to the SDK checking if the layer has any graphics (ToJson() method of PrintParameters) which it doesn't since the layer is not initialized though I have set the url, token and where clause. I can see why it doesn't work but in this scenario I would think its valid to still expect the print to include the feature layer and do a server side call to the service rather than trying to send the client state of the layer. This is with the 10.2 release of the SDK. Thoughts?